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tv   Local 10 News Sunday at 5PM  ABC  March 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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can't tell what's going on. he's making his way to the embassy. >> reporter: that's the first thought theeresident and first family are making their first stop at the american embassy. which officially reopened in august of last year, after being shut down for several decades. it had operated as an international in 1977, opened by president jimmy carter at that time. but from '77 until 2015, it was only an intersection, but now embassy. >> reporter: you were there. >> repter: not very staff members there to greet the president, since it wasn't operating as an american embassy, that embassy is in need of a lot of funding. >> reporter: there's confederate with that. we know that folks in ngress, republicans want it pulled that if you hadding, -- funding. >> reporter: the president is
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he's going to make a stop at the cathedral church, which played a key role of bringing the two nations together. >> rorter: it's by the way of the cardinal who has close ties to the vatican and pope francis that made this happen. >>eporter: in fact, we'll take you back 20 months when the archbishop was sneaked into the white house to get a hand delivered letter fromresident obama to give to president raul castro. the archbishop did in fact deliver that letter to president castro and that helped begin the talks of the two nations coming together after bad relations for 56 years. there are other big headlines, the other headlines, there have been a number of arrests of member of the ladies in white, an antigovernment protesting group, that has been protesting
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and many of the members, if not alal of the protesters were arrested earlier today. and chahael ten, local 10 news for there for that chaotic event. >> repter: this happens every sunday. it's part of the [foreign language] which is we all march together. and it happens every sunday as i mentioned, outside of st. rita church. usually what they do, they walk in the median o o fifth avenue. but then it gets troublesome once they cross into the streets. i'm not sure if they were blocking traffic. but it's certainly defiance and that's what likely got them arrested. >> reporter: you talked earlier in the week and what didid you learn about the march and meeting with president barack obama. >> reporter: the word that he keeps emphasizing is freedom. he says that without freedom, you cannot do anything. we talked about the economy and the fact that the economy is
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and no one can deny that, right? that there's openings in the economy. but he says it doesn't matter what h hpens with the economy because without freedoms there could not be a good economic model. he also talked about the likelihood he's goi to see the president if he wasn'trrested. now we're seeing he was arrested. likely, though wiwl be released in a couple of hours, which is usually the case when this happens. >> reporter: you have a chance to talk to the leaders of the ladies in white. >> reporter: we spoke with her by phone this morning. she was on her way to the rch. she says let's hope everything turns out well. she wasn't hopeful. she said i'm probably going to be arrested. >> reporter: do you know if she was arrest today? >> reporter: we did speak to a friend who says that likely everyone that was at that march was arreed. let's talk about a countermarch that we've seen tt are in support of the castro
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what happens is when these guys show up, so do theyey it's almost carefully orchestrated to counter what they're doing. some folks say it's put on by the g gernment themselves. >> reporter: human rights is going to be on display, especially on tuesday when the president gives his pivotal speech before the baseball game. but the president really has to say and have the right tone when he's talking about human rights here. there are a lot f people back in south florida, who wants to see the president take this issue head on. >> reporter: yes. it's something he's spoken about. just about a week ago, he spoke with c.n.n. and prior to that, he talked to yahoo news a did keep emphasizing human rights. how he's going to handle that, we don't know. but the cuban people and the cuban people in south florida will be closely watching. >> reporter: we know that the government here has a very tight control, aight grip on
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so many of the dissidents that we see in miami on our television, sanchez, many of them that we see on our television, they don't always end upp on television here. so they may have a name or populalaty back in america. but here on the islandnd, there are many people who don't know who those protesters are. >> reporter: yes. and the other criticism we've heard is how, if thes is an oppressive government, how are you able to travel back and forth without repercussions? . but there are repercussions. when he comes back, typicicly he's arrested. he says this is the way of the cuban governmentt showing a different face. is it? we don't know at this point. but that is something that we've seen in the past. >> reporter: the cuban government likes to make the argument too that those protests
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are seen as disruptors and handled the way that they are. >> reporter: the argument is if you're funded by the american government, that is intruding on their soverenty. the. >> reporter: the president can only say so much. the u.s. embargo remains in place place. >> reporter: and the president has been public about guantanamo bay and not handing it overr back to the cuban government. >> reporter: the cuban government thinks the government owes this country a lot of monoy because of the embargo. we're talking hundreds of billions of dollars and for claims of the properties that were nationalized after the revolution. so so many things to cover here. but he has to strike the right tone in talking about human rights. that is truly a a mainlier issue for the president. is that fair to say?
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and it's fair to say the cuban people will be carefully watching. they want to see what he has to say. and hey love it's going to be live on cuban television. >> reporter: we just heard thunder and saw lightning. on that note, we'll send it back to you in south florida. >> anchoho wise move. stay safe, gentlemen. will move out soon. >> anchor: thi is not good for the visit or anything. a point. because it can't be repeated enough as far as i'm concerned. and that is as opposed to ronald reagan, you know, teardown this wall. you don't expect the president to have this kind of teardown this wall? >> reporter: no.
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talking about how the dignity, prosperity is linked to human rights. but is he going to point fingers when he's saying that? no that's not his style. 4> anchor: and he will be speaking directly to the cuban people. and it's interesting victor said that although infmation is sometimes limited, here are people who victor have spoken to who have heard of the loosening of restricicons. just the fact that the information is he had spreading, isn't that what the president is trying to do? >> correct and google wants t# put wifi throughout the country. and what did theovernment say? not so fast. the president is pusng the cuban government on that issue. >> one of the interesting aspects of what's going on, at&t is in cuba right now. they're about to announce some
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government and with their -- the national telephone provider there, which is an italian company, which set up -- but internet -- 5% of cubans have access to the internet. that really has to change. >> yeah, and the president, one of the things he's done with respect to the embargo, he's tried to enhance the opportunities for greater connectivi. so anything dealing with telecommunications, you can engage. >> right. but the cubans saw the arab spring a couple of years ago. and they don't want a cuban summer, or anything thaha threatens their control of society. >> anchor: speaking of young people, let's get to victor. he's live i ithe old havana there. and victor, is the rain letting up at all?
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coming down hard out here. we just heard thunder. possibly lightning. so we're going to continue to watch closely. the president's first few minutes on cuban soil wet ones. this trip is absolutely something g e young people will be watching very closely. it's a big week in general here. something that i haven't heard us talk out. because right now it's all about the president's arrival in havana. but there's also the baseball game, which is another point of contention. but something they're looking forward to, no doubt. every single person i've talked to said that if they cannot attend the game, attendance is limited, while they expect a big crowd, that game will be broadcast on live t.v. we expect president obama to be there for at least a few innings before he heads to argentina which is his next stop on this trip. everything he does will be watched closely.
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reporting, the "rolling stone"s are going to hold a free concert and they expect 400,000 people. >> reporter: i've heard estimates from 400,000 people to 1 million people to more than that, michael. the setup is really, reaeay impressive. the stage is massive. we were able to check it out as they were setting it up. people were walking by up and down. some of the people who grew up listening to the rolling stones cannot wait to see them live. this is going to be the biggest rock band since the revolution in 1959. while the generations that grew up listening, are excited. the younger generations are excited for the first time. we spo to people who say i'm going with friends, my mom, my dad, my uncle, my aunt. every single person i talked to says that they plan on attending that somehow. it's going to be held in in a
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right now. the setup is very impressive. that concert is set for next friday. i believe the stones will be donating some of the equipment they're bringing with them to cool. >> anchor: that is a great all right. victor, we know the president will be there in old havana shortly after he stops to the embassy. we're expecting him any moment. let's take a quick break and we'll join you on the other
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a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> anchor: welcome back. we are keeping a close eye on the development for the president's visit to cuba. but here at home, we want to get you updated on your weekend weather. >> anchor: looking a little breezy and a little gray out there from our hollywood broad walk cam. let's bring in our meteorologist trent aric who is here. >> anchor: the rains and storms
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it stretches up here to miami. we're watch ago cold front move through. you can see the tower cam shot slowing the gloomy conditions. the rain is beginning to move in as well. moe of it has been down to the south. looking at fort lauderdale, drier. let's get to the rada we have light rain beginning to move into miami. most of the heavy stuff i i off to the west. it's even stronger right now down on the coastline of cuba. so as this moves through south florida overnight, it will bring in cool changes a as well. but you can see the thunderstorms to the south on the northern shore of cuba around havana, more intense. they are stronger thunderstorms and they'll continue to push off to the east. it will continue to rain as we go through the next two too three-hour window. the rain definitely comingown several inches in the low-lying areas in the streets. it's making it interesting as the president comes aroun his
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the rest of the night, the tempmratures will drop. 77 marathon. 72 key west. winds out of the west for now. that has pushed our temperatures into the 80s today. as we go through the rest of tonight, 50% chance of rain between 7:00 and 9:00. starts to taper off towards midnight. tomorrow, we'll wake up with much, much cooler continues across south florida. we'll only makee it up to 70 degrees. we'll talk about the changes coming up in a few minutes. >> anchor: thank you so much. also right now, a house party turning tragic in plan plantation when a shooting breaks out. one person dead, four others are injured.
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what a t terrible story. >> reporter: it looks like there was no furniture, but wrong. shots were fired and police are invevtigating. a party that got out of hand. hundreds of people showed up to a hoots party on northwest 4 court and 118 avenue. in the end, a 28-year-old was shot and killed. >> i don't know who the party was about or who organized it or how people got invited. we're still investigating. >> reporter: it started with flyers for the house party making rounds on social media. and p people receiving text messagaginvites. it cost $5 to get in. at 11:30 last night, plantation police were called after receivg noise complaints from neighbors. while police were outside, shots were fired from inside the home. according to witnesses, those shots were fired after a fight broke out. >> you had officers outside
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so when the shots fired and nobody come out, that's your fault that you didn't check nobody's butt coming out. >> reporter: they say the victim leaves behind a two-year-old son. and the three other victims were transported to broward general. the police blocked off the streets for hgurs. only letting people get through to pick up their cars. >> she's grounded. no more parties. >> they're from different schools in the areas. >> reporter: one of those parents, the father of who the females who were shot, did not want to talk to us on camera. he did tell us his daughters are
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we did run a property search on the home. it looks le the property is owned by boss group ministries. we're working to get more information. neighbors say this isn't the first time a party has been thrown at this house. now, police again are investigating. they say there are up to 400 people at this party. they're still looking for the person responsible. they believe someone saw something. if that's the case, you are urged to contact police immediately. >> anchor: awful. thank you. we are also covering historic change right here on local 10. the president and the first lady, the entire first family stepping foot on cuban soil for the first time for any u.s. sitting president in almost nine decades. it is history in the making. we are here with you throughout the evening. to bring you the highlights as we wait for the president and
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>> anchor: developing news, sad news at the universititof miami, where a students is reported dead. >> anchor: let's go to could i see. >> reporter: he university of miami senior was well known and loved by many. he recently spent a semesr
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applied to go to dental school. family and friends describe adam levine a caring young man. >> his personality enhanced everyone else's life. i think that the hardest thing for us is to know that someone who made everyone else's life so much better had to be taken from us so early. >> reporter: levine died overnighgh on saturday. the circumstances surrounding his death is unclear. >> he served in student government. he is a a greek officer. he knew everyone i would walk on campus with him all the time. and it was like walking around with a hollywood celebrity. >> reporter: the school said it's making available grief unselors to students. >> whenever anyone die social security, everyonhas amazing things to say about them. but this is a kid that really you can't overstate the positive
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>> reporter: this afternoon, the university of miami said the circumstances surrounding his death took place off of campus. levine was from the virginia area. and we're told his frat broths are schedule today have a service for him on campus later this pweek. live this afternoon in corral gables. gables. anchor: history is made in cuba today. incredible sight. air force one flying over jose' marti' international airport. and touching town in havana a half hour early. >> anchor: the entire first family walking off the plane. what a sight to see. president obama, with his might have michelle, his two daughters
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they travelled with a delegation of leaders.& nancy pelosi, dick durbin, patrick leahy. it was a rainy day and continues to be. there they are with their umbrellas. and there they are shaking the hands with rodriguez who is there. raul castro, the cuban leader was not on hand to meet with them, which is standard. >> anchor: yes, that is standard protocol. and meantime, away from the airport, the cuban government cracking down on dissidents ahead of the president's visit. our crews were able to capture this video. several members of the well known ladies in white were arrested and taken away by cuban police. >> anchor: they generally protest and march on sunday. this was their day to do it. this was a rather large protest. there was chanting, "castro no". you'll see they've been handcuffed and taken away.
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protest it is south florida. this was acene in little havana. some groups coming out thehe. and our glenna keeping a watch on the reactions. we're joined on our sets b our wonderful team of political reporters. michael, who knows cuba and dr. frank, who is the director of the latin and american caribbean center. >> thank you. >> anchor: thank you. >> absolutely. into the images are power. as we wait to hook up with our lightning right now. when the president gets to the embassy, what do you expect? >> he's going to meet with personnel. a few minutes to rest and relax. get a briefing before he heads
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off to old havana to walk around and meet with the cardinal ortega, who played a pivotal role. >> one of the important things about making the intersection into an embassy was the number of americans who could work there. because the cubans, while it was part still of the swiss diplomatic station, there was a limit i think to 160 i think was the number of americans that could be located there. and to process the visas and all the other business, it was a small staff. they have something like 3 cuban nationals who work there well. >> anchor: explain why jeff is not the ambassador. he's not yet. >> the president of the united states needs to nominate
5:29 pm
the situation with the elector cycle, or year, the senate is not going to elect anyone that the president nominates. in the meantime, jeff is serving as kind of in -- he is and does have rank. he's already ambassador. but officially, technically, he cannot be ambassador because he's not been confirmed by the u.s. senate. >> there are three americans in the senate, republican, ted cruz, they all oppose the appointment of a permanentnt ambassador. -- >> the embassy is short staffed because of the budget challenge from the congress. >> anchor: you got an e-mail of a congress member what is
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>> a congress member of miami thinkskshis visit of the president is an empty gesture. it's pointless. it won't change anything. and i'm sure infact that the representative feels the same way. they are the three cuban-american members of congress from south florida. >> anchor: as you both know, very contentious. so much heat coming from congress against this visit. >> reporter: we understand disgraceful. perhaps the most disgraceful of any american president in armsterms of visiting a foreign country. we know the words from america and particucarly from south florida are harsh, since the normalizing of relations. >> the argument is that w 're not getting anything in return. but the argument against that is, well, we weren't getting


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